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Simple Tips on Portrait Photos

January 31, 2014 Techniques
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When I began pursuing photography three years ago, portrait photography wasn’t really something I wanted to do. I.

Setup Your Own Website

December 17, 2013 Techniques
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Many photographers have their own websites to showcase their works and interact with clients. These websites are very.

Portrait Shots with Available Light

August 23, 2013 Techniques
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In my previous article, I mention that external flash unit and reflector are the two most important accessories for portrait.

5 Things I Do to All Portrait Shots

July 29, 2013 Techniques
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When done properly, editing can make a well-composed portrait shot even more stunning than its original form. There are.

Fourth of July at Lake Tahoe

July 6, 2013 Journals, Techniques
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The Fourth of July is a day of celebration to many Americans. It is also an opportunity for.

7 Simple Composition Rules

June 8, 2013 Techniques
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Composition is the art of organizing elements within the frame to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement. When done properly, a good.