With 2013 all but past and 2014 in full swing, it is only in order that I review what I have done in past year and showcase my favorite photos. Below are the ten photos I like the best this year. If you have been following my blog, you probably have seen some of them. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have shooting them. I will do my best to shoot more interesting photos and share them on this website, so please stay tuned.

“Why didn’t you start with photos of the New Year fireworks?” you might ask. Well, I did take a few firework photos at the beginning of the year, but I was very unhappy with the result and did not finish any of them.
After DarkJanuary 8 @ Junction of I-80 and N. McCarren, Reno, NV

Even though it was approaching 9:00PM, there was still a lot of traffic in the area, and that is what I was counting on for getting the light trail effect seen in this photo. At first I was not very happy with the results, but after some experimenting I managed to salvage it and came up with this.SerenityFebruary 2 @ Eastern Shores of Lake Tahoe, NV

It took me almost 20 minutes to climb all the way down to the rocks, but it is well worth the time and efforts. Not only it offers an interesting perspective of the lake, the quietness that surrounded me made me feel as if I had no care in the world.The BlossomingApril 3 @ University of Nevada, Reno campus, Reno, NV

I was just wondering through the campus when I stumbled upon a garden of some sorts. It was broad daylight, but I was able to make it seem as if it was shot at night by using editing software. This is also the first photo in which I tried my “get closer” strategy.A Toast to YouApril 7 @ Rapscallion Seafood House & Bar, Reno, NV

It was my sister Irene’s birthday. She invited many of our friends to celebrate with her, and asked me to take as many photos as possible, and I did just that. Among all the photos I took that day, this one with Jessica and Millie, two exchange students from Taiwan, was my favorite not only because of the general atmosphere in this photo, but also how they were holding the glasses as if making a toast to the viewers. Waiting For a TrainApril 21 @ Railway Crossing by the University of Nevada, Reno, NV

This is one of the random photos I took while exploring a part of town that I normally do not visit. I took a shot while standing, didn’t like it. I took another one kneeling, still didn’t like it. I then went completely prone on the tracks and finally got the result I was hoping for.Getting ReadyMay 12 @ Aces Ballpark, Reno, NV

It was Mother’s Day, but that had nothing to do with why we went to the ballpark. I have been a baseball fan since first grade, and it actually was my childhood dream to play baseball professionally. Although that dream has since been replaced, watching the games still gets me excited. By the way, the Reno Aces won the game with an out-of-the-park homerun that day.Fourth of JulyJuly 4 @ Nevada Beach, Lake Tahoe, NV

This is my second attempt to photograph fireworks, and it was more successful than the previous one. Because it was the Fourth of July, the beach was very crowded and I had to incorporate elements that couldn’t be removed from the frame and make quick adjustment in between shots. Autumn ApproachesOctober 14 @ My Apartment, Reno, NV

I was randomly taking photos outside of my apartment when I noticed how beautiful the leaves were. I then snapped a few shots with very little thoughts into composition, and after some editing I came up with this photos.The AssistantDecember 14 @ Eastern Shores of Lake Tahoe, NV

I took my friend Fifi and Carol, two exchange students from Taiwan, to see the lake one last time before their departure from Reno. Although it was almost the same location as the last time I photographed the lake, we got there just past noon and the lighting was great, giving it a whole different atmosphere. Fifi got creative with my reflector and I snapped the shot.Strolling TogetherDecember 31 @ Downtown Reno, NV

I was strolling down the street when I noticed the old couple before me. I really liked how she was holding her husband’s arm, and, at a distance, I snapped the shot and then be about my business.

So that concludes my year of 2013. Comments? Ideas? Please let me know what you think by leaving comments below!