Several months ago I documented my first attempt at photographing the interior of a house for a friend. In that article I mentioned that I wished the property was staged with furniture and how much of a difference that would have been. Just a while ago, I photographed another property that was staged with furniture. These photos were taken in and around a property located in Berkeley, CA, a two-story condo unit with a patio in the back.








Real estate photography has been around for quite some time, but it becomes increasingly popular due to the growing number of people finding their new homes on the Internet. A real estate photography session usually costs around $100 to $150 per property depending on the regional market, and photographer may offer packages for different types of property at varying prices. A session for a residence-type of property like the one above typically takes one to two hours, and would yield 15 to 20 photos with all necessary post-processing done off the hour. For the session I did above, it took exactly two hours to finish and yielded 16 photos showing all the features this house has to offer.

Although there’s no guarantee that a set of beautiful photos of a house is going to make your houses sell quicker, I’d still like to think the photos taken by professional photographers help somehow. Unfortunately, many realtors and property owners still choose to take pictures themselves with digital compact cameras or smartphones, believing those pictures are “good enough” to get buyers’ attention. While I understand that they are only trying to cut down on what they see as “unnecessary costs,” I truly think they underestimate the difference a photo makes especially in situations where impulses play a big role in decision making.