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Know Your Lenses – Part 2

July 8, 2014 Techniques, Thoughts
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Picking up from where we left off on the previous post. Once you have done your homework and.

Know Your Lenses – Part 1

July 3, 2014 Reviews, Thoughts
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Choosing the right lens will help you get the shots your want, but you can’t make the right.

Rusts, Dusts, and Shadows

June 28, 2014 Techniques, Thoughts
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I have great affinity for old things and buildings, especially those in a state of decay. The rustic.

The Art of Capturing Light

May 22, 2014 Techniques
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It has been a long while since my last post. I have been busy these past few months.

Simple Tips on Portrait Photos

January 31, 2014 Techniques
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When I began pursuing photography three years ago, portrait photography wasn’t really something I wanted to do. I.

My Year in Review: 2013

January 2, 2014 Journals
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With 2013 all but past and 2014 in full swing, it is only in order that I review.