I was planning to do a My Year In Review like the one from 2013, but since I just moved to San Jose, California for a new job I thought maybe I should do something different. To say goodbye to Reno, where I have lived for the past 16 years, it is only befitting that I show some of my favorite photos taken there and recount the things I’ll miss about her.

Don’t Have to Go Very Far to Get Out

Despite being a city of considerable size, it may come as a surprise for out-of-towners that nature is only a few minutes away. It is possible to get to a hiking trail overlooking the city from your own doorstep with just a short walk, to see livestock roaming and grazing at farms from the office you work at, or to find a spot for star gazing or star trails photography only minutes away from the city. If you are looking to connect or reconnect with the nature, this is the place you’ll want to live.


Grazing Under the Sun

There’s Always Something Uniquely “Reno” to Do

There is always something happening in the Biggest Little City. Other than the typical events like the Fourth of July firework display, you’ll get to see classic cars during Hot August Nights, enjoy some BBQ ribs at Nugget Ribs Cook-Off, get up early to see the Balloon Race, watch the planes fly by right in front of you at the Reno Air Race or cheer for the bull riders at annual Reno Rodeo. There are plenty more events that the residents of Reno enjoy and are proud to share with others.

America's 238th - Resized

Game Night

Balloon Race 9

Feeling Safe at Night

Although Reno is notabsolutely crime-free, for the past 16 years not once have I ever worry about my personal safety. I’ve always felt safe enough to venture out at night with my camera to snap a few shots, whether it is downtown or a quiet neighborhood overlooking the city. Still, you should always put your own safety first and have someone accompany you whenever you go out at night just in case.

Evening by the River

Blue Autumn

Being Close to Lake Tahoe

The beautiful Lake Tahoe is perhaps the best-known attraction in the area. It is a location that no matter which time of year you visit, you’ll always have a great time since there is always something to do. In the summer, you may engage in the more active water sports like wakeboarding or windsurfing, or you can go barbecuing on one of the beaches and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. If you visit during the snowy winters, you can still have fun at one of the resorts around Tahoe that offer perfect venues for skiing or snowboarding.

The area around the lake is full of beautiful scenery, some only known to the locals and are typically a bit difficult to get to. If you are the adventurous type, be sure to ask around for these hidden locations and be prepared to get down and dirty.

Secret Hideout

Getting Dark

Reno is definitely a great place to live if you are looking for a simple, slow-pace lifestyle with lots of outdoor activities. It is unfortunate that my career path requires me to move from the biggest little city, but I’m also excited that I have the opportunity to further my career at the heart of the country’s high-tech industry, not to mention that I have a whole new city to explore and photograph.